The DNS is the Domain Name System, which makes it possible to associate domain names to groups of Internet ressources and users. More explanation in this video from GoDaddy.

The CEO of ICANN discusses the new domain name extensions program launch on the TV channel PBS.

Exchange of letters between AFNIC and ICANN. AFNIC is the registry of the .fr and .re domain names. ICANN is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Mathieu Weill signed the agreement on the AFNIC side and Rob Beckstrom signed it on the ICANN side. The signature of the document took place in Dakar, Senegal on the 26th of October 2011. won $25,000 in the Verisign Small Business Contest and explain why they registered their .com domain name with GoDaddy.

What is a .tv domain name

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Explanation of what a .tv domain name is in this video from Hover.

The .us domain name generator

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Video with a demo of the .us domain name generator, which helps you to find available and suitable .us domain names for your business or website.

About .us domain names

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Video presenting the .us domain name extension. The local domain name extension of the United States.

Answer to the following question: how much weight does the number of years a domain is registered for have on your ranking?

Answer to the question by Matt from the Google Webmaster Central. For information, the .co domain name extension is the extension of Colombia.

Matt Cutts from Google answers the question: How would you explain “The Power of Keyword Domains” to someone looking to take a decision what kind of domain to go for?